star trek online jemhadar heavy escort carrier


[WTB] T6 JemHadar Heavy Escort Carrier- Star Trek Online

star trek online jemhadar heavy escort carrier

The JemHadar heavy escort carrier was a starship design developed by the Dominion following the end of the Dominion War. It was constructed in the Gamma Quadrant for use by the warrior JemHadar with 350 serving as crewmen on-board these ships which were designed to work in line with the tactics employed by them.

JemHadar Heavy Escort Carrier - Star Trek

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Star Trek Online Star Trek Online Ship JemHadar Heavy

Rohn uploaded a Star Trek Online screenshot titled: JemHadar Heavy Escort Carrier on 01/23/2013

STAR TREK ONLINE - 106K Jemhadar Heavy Escort Carrier[T6

Surely i get one andorian escort later but i prefer more cruiser ships or carriers and surely the best is the jem hadar dread carrier but takes long to get. I really want to use cruisers or carriers and have the same chance on events like these small damage pigs !